Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye

Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar's Eye 7.3

Help Mike and Isabel to find the precious "Jaguar's Eye" codex in a fun quest
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The Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar’s Eye is another edition of the “The Nightshift Legacy” series. Once again Mike and Isabel, the main protagonists, are engaging a wonderful adventure in which you got to help them out. This time they are in the hunt of the “Jaguar’s Eye” codex. It’s believed this codex belonged to an ancient Aztec warrior cult and the codex somehow conveys unrivaled power on whoever owns it.
The game includes several games to play and two modes: Story Mode and Arcade Mode. In story mode, the goal is to search for hidden objects and piece together clues, decoding encrypted messages to help Mike and Isabel to solve the mystery of the Jaguar’s Eye. One of the games included is the Search Screens. Each of these screens has an inventory list of the hidden objects you will need to find to clear the screen and progress through the game. Some of the objects may be used later to help solve puzzles. The Codex Puzzle is another game includes. It’s used to translate messages from 3 ancient Aztec texts. You have to use deductive reasoning to determine which Codex symbols go with which words.
Another game is Image Layer Puzzle. Here, you have to assemble a picture from pieces. In order to do that, drag each piece into position inside the frame given. The pieces may overlap so you will need to decide which pieces go on top. The game also includes the Sequence Puzzle in which you have to arrange items or pieces by dragging them to a horizontal area near the center of the screen. Another puzzle is the Word Puzzle. You need to unscramble and arrange letters to reveal hidden words and messages. The last one is Scavenger Hunt. This option will allow you to go back and search for new objects in previously explored locations. Instead of completing an inventory list on one screen, you have one inventory list with objects scattered across multiple screens.
As you see, there are plenty of different games to play included in Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar’s Eye, so you won’t get bored any soon. About system requirements here’s a list for you to check before buying this game:
• Windows Vista; Windows XP
• 256 MB RAM
• 800 x 600 minimum screen resolution
• Sound card recommended
You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 19.95 dollars, right from the Oberon Media Game Center, on the Web.

Lionel Mira
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  • It has good graphics and sound effects
  • It’s a fun game with a great scenario
  • You can buy it for an affordable price


  • The interface is only available in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported
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